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[Concert] 빅뱅 - 160306 Naver V 빅뱅 [MADE] Final in Seoul

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Show Information
Performers: Big Bang
Location: Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul, South Korea
Time: 2016.03.06
On Air (Naver V): 2016.03.06
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Performance List
- Sorry, I'm too lazy to put the performance list here T.T Please download the concert to check hehe
If You download with Mega and can't extract, please try again with Google Drive. Thank you ^^
Link Download
HD-720p (2.3 GiB): 
GD: Pt1 - Pt2 - Pt3
Mega: Pt1 - Pt2 - Pt3
Password: No Password
Source: Naver HD
Capper: gau899 ☼ Upload: Tellu
Info: In the Thumbnail
[c]: Torrent +

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