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[Concert] ガットセブン - 160426 ガットセブン Japan Tour 2016 “モリ↑ガッテヨ”

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Show Information
Performers: Got7
Location: Japan
Time: 2016.02.28
On Air (FujiTV): 2016.04.26
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Tracklist (Concert)
 I'm too lazy to write a tracklist now, so sorry T.T Please download to check :P
If You download with Mega and can't extract, please try again with Google Drive. Thank you ^^
Link Download
HD-1080i (6.84 GiB)
GD: Pt1 - Pt2 - Pt3 - Pt4
Mega: Pt1 - Pt2 - Pt3 - Pt4
Source: HDTV
Capper: rei ☼ Upload: Tellu
Info: In the Thumbnail
[c]: Torrent +

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